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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hospital Visit


I just wanted to provide an update to those that knew that I was admitted into the hospital as a result of a bad reaction to an antibiotic that caused me to lose 20+ pounds in just less than 4 days. The antibiotic was to address an ear and nasal infection, but resulted in a ruptured ear drum as well as a more serious situation called Diabetic acidoketosis, which caused by blood sugars to soar even with no food intake and by the time I was admitted was nearly 550. Normal readings are around 100.

I was severely dehydrated which is a result of the acidoketosis. After what seemed to be 10 dull bags of fluids, a new very expensive antibiotic, plus ice chips for nearly 28 hours the doctor finally permitted me to eat food. This was the first food that I was able to tolerate or keep down since taking the original antibiotic.

Finally after 38 hours in the hospital, the doctor released me as I had responded well to the antibiotic, my blood sugars had returned to normal levels, I was able to eat, and my dehydration had been corrected.

All is well now, and I have a doctors appointment with an ear specialist on 1/5/2012 to set forward a plan to address the ruptured ear drum. Yes, my hearing is not good, but based on how serious the situation was even hearing loss will be acceptable as I was able to enjoy our annual family Christmas get together. The ability to enjoy my family was the best Christmas gift I have ever received.

Thanks to all on FaceBook that expressed their concern. It was appreciated!

Some photos of the event....

In the emergency roon about 7:30AM 12/22/2011

First food, and it was good if you can believe that.

I found this very funny.  Is this why the kids are getting fat?